The truth is, the cure for teacher burnout isn't self-care...

It’s systemic and cultural change, real workload reduction, and deep, abiding community care. But sadly, that’s not the world we currently live in.

I believe it’s possible, but in order for any of us to be involved in creating and receiving the benefits of those changes we need to survive and function this term, this week, today. 

The key to that is building resilience and cultivating wellbeing through self-advocacy, self-compassion and transformational self-care (not the instagrammable kind!).

The Resilient Teacher Roadmap Course...

  • Is a framework, not a prescription

  • Is not a quick fix

  • Is about beliefs and behaviours

  • Is not PD or an academic course

Are you ready to go from Depleted Teacher to Resilient Teacher?

Resilient Teacher Roadmap is an 8-week course for tired teachers to learn to cultivate wellbeing & build resilience throughout the school year (not just on the holidays!)

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from 10 years teaching, 6 years educating on self-care/wellbeing and coaching teachers 1:1 and 18 months of running the Resilient Teacher Group Coaching Program, plus more than a decade of my own personal study and application. 

It isn’t so much a training program as it is an approach to your life, work and wellbeing that will get you off the downwards Depletion Spiral and onto the upwards Resilience Spiral. 

Yes, you’ll learn practical strategies and be given steps, tips, tricks and activities to try at home.

But even more than that, you’ll learn the skills to continually take into account the reality of your life and work and differentiate for what you actually need to support your personal wellbeing.

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The Resilient Teacher Roadmap course is for you if:

  • You’re ready for something to change and you’re keen to be proactive about your role in your own life and wellbeing

  • You know that your wellbeing is a combination of systemic/school factors + personal beliefs and behaviours, and you’re ready to take responsibility for the parts you can control

  • You understand that this is lifelong, gradual work and are not looking for a quick fix

  • You’re ready for a framework that you can use to apply in your own life situation and differentiate to suit your personal needs and preferences

  • You understand that this is a BETA round, which means the program is still in development and you are ready and willing to be part of co-creating it 

The Resilient Teacher Roadmap course is not for you if:

  • You’re looking for Professional Development -- this is ongoing personal work based in a practical framework that you tailor to your needs, not an academic course or something you can get a certificate for your CPD hours

  • You’re looking for ongoing 1:1 support -- my coaching might be a better fit

  • You’re looking for a prescriptive list of actions or a quick fix -- this is a framework

  • You’re wanting help with curriculum or classroom issues -- this is about you the person, not you the teacher. While yes, it will obviously have a flow on effect to your professional role, this course doesn’t cover anything curriculum or classroom related 

  • You want to keep blaming the system/somebody at your school for all your wellbeing challenges and are not willing to examine the ways you have personal responsibility -- harsh, but true: it’s not all the system/your Principal and it’s not all you, it’s a mix of both. But the only thing you really have control over is you, so we focus our attention and effort there.

Imagine what your life as a teacher would be like if… treated yourself like a person first and a teacher second, not just on school holidays but throughout the school year felt confident that you knew what your needs were and how to keep them being met regularly didn’t collapse in a heap at the end of every term because you were running on empty every day since week 3

I can’t promise that you’ll go from completely depleted to completely replenished in the next 8 weeks. 

This isn’t quick fix stuff. It’s an ongoing process of regular reflection, renewal and restoration. 

Knowing how to do it in a way that is practical, realistic and sustainable in your life? 

That’s what we aim to achieve with The Resilient Teacher Roadmap course.

What others say about working with Ellen

The Resilient Teacher Roadmap is a brand new course, so we don’t have any testimonials yet, but here’s what others are saying about working with Ellen in 1:1 and the Resilient Teacher Group Coaching Program

by Sharon, QLD Teacher

Highly Recommended

by Sharon, QLD Teacher

“I have been a teacher for many years and work has always been the primary focus of my life much to the detriment of my health and well-being. Every term, I start with good intentions but by week 5, my self-care routines have gone by the wayside. When Ellen advertised her Resilience Teacher Program, I knew this was for me. The program has made a significant difference to my life. It brings accountability and provides an opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas with other people interested in making self-care a priority. Through experimentation and with Ellen’s guidance, I have managed to develop and adhere to a morning self-care routine. Ellen is amazing, she just knows exactly what to say. The guidance that she gives is something that has made an incredible difference to my life. I highly recommend completing the program. You deserve it!”
by Trudy from Teachers Thriving

Ellen knows her stuff

by Trudy from Teachers Thriving

"Ellen knows her stuff. She speaks not only from personal experience, but a wealth of research and insights on a range of topics and issues that influence the wellbeing and professional practice of educators. Her resources, programs and podcast are gold!"
by Wendy, QLD Teacher

Immensely valuable

by Wendy, QLD Teacher

“I think for me the best thing about The Resilient Teacher Group Program has been that it as really kept that awareness of self-care and wellbeing at the forefront of my mind on a daily basis. In previous years that definitely hasn’t been the case, I would get carried away in the holidays and think, “I will have these great habits, eat the right things all the time and exercise for hours everyday,” and then that’s all unrealistic and falls in a hole. Whereas I’ve found being part of the Resilient Teacher program has meant that it’s become a daily awareness. It’s not that I’m thinking about it all the time but it’s just there as a reminder to me that that’s enough work now and what am I doing for myself as a person rather than just thinking of work all the time during the term. I’ve developed a habit of mind over the 6 months of the program. Out of everything, that’s been immensely valuable for me.”

Simple, effective and useful

“Inspirational messages to remind us all to take care of ourselves. Simple, effective and useful strategies that actually work!”

Resilient Teacher Roadmap

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