Are you sick of making self-care lists and habit change plans with no results to show for it?

  • You're busy

    You're struggling to find time and energy to put healthy habits and self-care strategies into practice because there is just so much to do!

  • You're overwhelmed

    You're in survival mode and can't fathom how you could fit in self-care or wellbeing practices in when you're barely keeping up as it is.

  • You're really, really tired

    You're exhausted. You are already running on empty, you have nothing left to give. But what if it wasn't about doing more?

You're closer to extraordinary wellbeing than you think!

There's certainly no quick fix, but in this training Ellen will share some valuable information to help you with this goal. Including:

  • The 3 mindset secrets that impact your wellbeing

  • The 2 archetypes that can help or hinder your journey

  • The SELF-CARE Framework that Ellen uses with her clients

  • 10 powerful questions that you can use to cultivate extraordinary wellbeing in your life and course correct if/when needed

Course curriculum

What if I told you that you could improve your wellbeing without adding to your to-do list?

This training will help you do so.


Jean, NSW

It resonates with me

Jean, NSW

I have really enjoyed this presentation. I will be spending some time throughout the holidays reflecting on this. Thank you Ellen!
Sharon, QLD

Excellent session!

Sharon, QLD

The reflection questions are brilliant, it definitely speaks to me. I have learnt a lot and look forward to putting it into practice to make a difference in my life.

What would it mean to you to cultivate extraordinary wellbeing in your life?

A training for teachers who want to understand what they can do to improve wellbeing beyond "don't take work home" suggestions.

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